Getting Started With Your Student

Agencies with Advanced Year interns will receive an email in late spring, confirming the name(s) of the student(s) we have listed as placed in your setting. Other important information is included in this communication: placement start date; CORIs; medical tests/immunizations and Seminar in Field Instruction.

Confirmation of Year I interns will be sent in a separate email in the summer. At that time all agencies will receive additional intern information, the name of the advisor, the field calendar, registration for Seminar in Field Instruction (SIFI) and the link to our on-line Field Manual. Please review the materials, including the Field Manual, prior to the commencement of your student's internship. The Field Manual contains policies, roles and responsibilities of students, field instructors and agencies, assignments and forms pertinent to the field placement.

We kindly request that agencies send us supervisor names and contact information as soon as they are available. This information is essential for us to send you all pertinent documents and communication.

The following frequently asked questions may be of assistance in getting started:

Which days are students in Field?
  • Year I students are typically in the field Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Year II and Advanced Standing students are typically in the field Mondays, Thursdays and either Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Fridays.
  • For more information about the Program Options available to MSW students in the field, please visit our Program Options page.
Will students have any field orientation prior beginning their placements?
  • An Orientation to Field Learning for all incoming students is held prior to the SSW's official Year I placement start date. Topics covered include use of supervision, process recordings and a general introduction to safety in the field.
What should be covered in an agency based orientation?
  • It is expected that agency staff will offer an orientation to the setting, its services, its safety procedures and its policies for their students. Additionally, when appropriate, an orientation to the community should be provided.
How many hours of supervision are required?
  • A minimum of two hours per week is required for formal supervisory meetings with each student and her/his primary supervisor or one and a half hours plus secondary or group supervision. Alternate arrangements may be approved on an individual basis.
What is the process recording requirement?
  • All students complete one verbatim process recordings per week in all semesters of their field placement.
  • Students are expected to begin to complete process recordings within the first two weeks of placement. In some situations students may not yet be engaged in direct client contact. Process recordings can be based on phone conversations, meetings, shadowing, etc.
  • Supervisors must also plan to allot time for reading and providing feedback on weekly process recordings.

Alcea IPT

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Simmons School of Social Work has adopted Alcea IPT as our new field placement software. Many of you will be familiar with Alcea from your work as supervisors for other local schools. You will receive an e-mail with information about how to log in and use Alcea for your intern, as well as your default username and password. Be on the lookout for this e-mail.

A detailed tutorial is available here with instructions on how to utilize the functions on the site

Please click here to be directed to the site

Field Education Manual

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Field Education Forms

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Field Placement Calendar

The Field Calendar is avaliable here.

Contact the Field Department

The Field Department is located in Suite 304 of the Palace Road Building on the Simmons Academic Campus.

Simmons School of Social Work
Field Education Department
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Director: Kim Harriman,, 617-521-3959

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