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Career Outcomes

Summary Findings of SSW Graduate Employment Survey for Class of 2014

The annual SSW employment survey was sent to all 2014 MSW grads for whom the school had a current email address. In total there were 161 graduates in the class of 2014. For the class we had 143 current email addresses. Of the 143 graduates who received the survey, 95 completed the survey, resulting in a response rate of 66%. The survey was sent out in mid November, approximately six months post graduation.

Highlights of the survey include:

First Jobs

  • 77% work in the greater Boston area
  • 97% of those employed as a social worker are working full-time; 3% are working part-time. Over half of those working part-time are working part-time by choice.
  • Primary fields of practice:
    • Mental health and substance abuse services (48%)
    • Child Welfare and home based family services (21%)
    • Health and Elder services (20%)
    • School Social work (11%)
    • Note: written responses in "other" category would raise MH and child services total percentages for each of those categories if added
  • Most common job functions for the new grads are therapist or counselor, case manager, advocate and group worker.
  • 96% receive LICSW supervision

Job Search

  • Nearly 40% of respondents obtained a position in social work prior to graduation
  • By mid-November, nearly 85% were employed in social work, including four graduates with post-graduate fellowships.
  • Most helpful resources in landing a job:
    • Field placement supervisor or other agency contact (78%)
    • SSW faculty (77%) or advisor (62%)
    • SSW job fair (53%)
    • On-line job listings (82%)
    • Career Education Center workshops and counseling (CEC)
    • (74%) and (62%)


  • 87% are working in salaried positions; 14% are in fee for service positions
  • The median salary stated is $42,500. Of the 75 respondents who listed a salary, 40% earn salaries higher than the median.
  • The median range for fee for service is $26.00-$31.00/hour

Job Satisfaction

  • Over 97% describe their jobs as helping to advance their career goals.
  • Over 96% describe their jobs as providing them with opportunities to continue learning and professional development.

Licensing Exam (LCSW)

  • By November 78% had taken the LCSW exam
  • 96% passed the exam.