Professional Examinations

Graduates of Simmons SNHS programs routinely perform well on licensing/certification exams. 


NCLEX-RN Licensure Exam First Time Pass Rate 2016

Simmons Program  Simmons
Bachelor of Science in Nursing  94%  84.6%  83.6%

FNP Certification Exam First Time Pass Rate : 2016 Graduates

Students take the ANCC or AANP certification exam.

Simmons Program Simmons 
Master of Science in Nursing 92.9%  81.9%


Registered Dietitian (RD) Exam First Time and Ultimate Pass Rates 2016

Simmons Program  Simmons First Time Pass Rate  National First Time Pass Rate  Simmons Ultimate Pass Rate
Dietetic Internship  92%  87%  92%
Certificate in the Didactic Program in Dietetics/
BS Nutrition and Dietetics
 97%  87%  100%

Physical Therapy

National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE)

Simmons Program Simmons First Time
Pass Rate
Simmons Ultimate
Pass Rate
 National First Time
Pass Rate
National Ultimate
Pass Rate
DPT Class of 2016  87.5%  100%  93.1%  99%
DPT Class of 2015
 93%  100%  91.2%  99%