Research Groups

Research Groups are faculty-based — supporting faculty and student research. Groups focus on subjects like information literacy, computational linguistics, metadata, and human information behavior.

Community Informatics @ SLIS

Community Informatics @ SLIS features news and information about the people and research projects focused on community informatics at the School of Library and Information Science at Simmons University. Community Informatics is a growing interdisciplinary field of research and practice focused on advancing our understanding of the ways in which local communities use information and communication technology in support of community-defined development goals. From the study of public computing centers in community-based organizations to the design and implementation of community wireless networks, community informatics researchers and practitioners actively engage in projects that promote human and civil rights, self-determination, sustainable development, and social inclusion in the digital age. For more information visit Community Informatics @SLIS.


The Human Information Behavior (HIB) Research Group

The HIB Research Group conducts innovative research in the area of Human Information Behavior (HIB) and the related areas of User Experience (UX), Knowledge Management (KM), Personal Information Management (PIM), and Scholarly Communication (SC).

The group includes Associate Professor Rong Tang, Associate Professor Naresh Agarwal, and Assistant Professor Kyong Eun Oh. They employ a variety of research methods, including but not limited to, survey research, observation, diary studies, and thinkĀ­-aloud, use of the Usability Lab, as well as conceptual and theoretical inquiry. The HIB Research Group promotes, facilitates, and showcases individual and collaborative projects in HIB, the identified related areas, and the intersections among the areas.


Simmons Institute for Critical Information Literacy & Instruction (SICILI)

Simmons Institute for Critical Information Literacy & Instruction examines information and related literacies (media, health, visual, digital, etc.) from a critical standpoint, questioning how literacy and literacies are defined, how they are taught and assessed, and the role of libraries and information organizations in supporting and promoting information literacy development. The researchers have a strong interest in social justice aspects of information literacy, which include questions of physical, social, and cognitive access to information, and information literacy as a human right, as well as related questions around intellectual freedom and censorship. Current projects include examining information literacy in K-16 settings with a specific focus on the high school to college transition; the role of creativity and play in information literacy learning and instruction; and examinations of authority, credibility, and conflict of interest in scientific publishing.


Simmons Metadata Inquires Lab (SMIL)

SMIL faculty—Associate Professor Katherine Wisser, Assistant Professors Amber Stubbs, and Kyong Eun Oh—support existing and strategize on new metadata related endeavors including personal, collaborative, and student research initiatives at Simmons University.

The intention of SMIL is to create and perpetuate a supportive environment for research activities that are relevant to, or may benefit from, a metadata perspective. Visit the SMIL blog for more information.