Maps & Directions

Boston Campus

Classes are held at one of the following buildings on campus. Prior to the start of each semester, room numbers are sent out via e-mail on the SLIS listserv.

  • Palace Road (PCB; rooms designated with a 'P', i.e., P207): SLIS Administrative and Faculty offices are housed in this building, as is the SLIS Tech Lab and the James M. Matarazzo Student Lounge. Many SLIS student group meetings are held in the Student Lounge, workshops are held in the Tech Lab, and a large number of SLIS classes meet on the second, third, or fourth floor of this building. On the first floor you will find the Campus Card Office, P107, where you get your ID card and information about parking, 
  • Lefavour Hall/Library Building (LEF; rooms designated with an 'L'): The ground floor consists of undergraduate classrooms, along with the Kotzen Meeting Room where Lectures and Events are often scheduled. The Meyers Cafe is also on this floor, where students can purchase beverages, snacks, or meal items. The entrance to the Library is on the First floor and includes an area with open computers for student use, as well as rooms that can be used for classes and student meetings.
  • Main College Building (MCB; rooms designated with a 'W' for West wing, 'E' for East wing, or 'C' for center part of building): The Main College Building is used for a wide variety of Graduate and Undergraduate classes. There is also the Simmons Bookstore on the Ground Level, as well as the full-service Fens Cafeteria. There is plenty of seating on this level and the first level around Common Grounds Café—another small campus cafe—for students to sit, eat, and socialize. This building also has the Cashiers Window outside the Student Financial Services office, W207, where you can pick up your semester T Pass and paychecks.
  • Science Building (SCB; rooms designated with an 'S'): SLIS Students will have occasional classes scheduled in the Science Building.
  • Management and Academic Building (SOMC; rooms designated with an 'M'): SLIS Students will have classes scheduled in the SOM building. Students also have access to the parking garage, if they have signed up for a parking pass in the Campus Card office, E007.

SLIS West Campus

SLIS courses are held in several buildings. Prior to the start of each semester, room numbers are added to the online course schedules; they may also be sent out via e-mail. The buildings are designated by their full names ('Library,' 'Kendade,' etc.). See the Mount Holyoke campus map for more information. For more information about SLIS West, please see the SLIS West Current Students section.