Assessment and Outcomes

Our programs are designed to prepare students for success in the following key areas: 

Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
Analysis and Decision
  • Use appropriate info to ID issues
  • Develop and defend recommendation with analysis

Exercise of Leadership and power

  • Assess own leadership strengths and weaknesses  
  • Build a team with diverse member 
  • Diagnose gender and power inside organizations 
  • Negotiate effectively

Strategies for women and careers

  • ID next steps and create strategy

Global perspective

  • Analyze impact of global dynamics

Social responsibility

  • Evaluate org decisions with fiscal/social lens
  • Evaluate org decisions with ethics
Undergraduate Management
Principled Leadership
  • Apply strategies for managing team processes
  • Analyze and articulate ethical implications of organizational issues and decisions
  • Reflect on role and impact of personal/ managerial social responsibility

Knowledge of Disciplines

  • Articulate underlying theories in functions
  • Demonstrate variety of analytical tools in functions
  • Use appropriate vocabulary to describe organizational structures, processes, behaviors

Problem Solving & Analytical Thinking

  • Use analytical skills to identify and diagnose problems and opportunities
  • Generate and evaluate alternatives
  • Make actionable recommendations/ with implementation

Gender & Cultural Diversity

  • Identify & analyze role and impact of diversity
  • Develop personal career plans


  • Demonstrate effective oral skills
  • Employ professional written skills
  • Develop visual aids to support written and oral presentations

Global Perspective

  • Articulate how organizations are situated in external environments
  • Describe how larger context impacts decisions in organizations