For Graduate Students

The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) blends innovation and academic tradition to form the foundation for pioneering graduate programs at Simmons. The CAS graduate programs in the liberal arts and typical career paths are outlined here:
Fields of Study and Career Paths

Gender/Cultural Studies

The Gender/Cultural Studies (GCS) program examines constructions of gender, race, class, and nation in the US and international contexts. Dual-degree program options include a Master in Arts in Gender/Cultural Studies (MA) plus a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT). Students work simultaneously toward both degrees and, upon successful completion of the program, are certified as elementary, middle, or high school teachers. Graduates are well positioned for leadership roles as department heads, lead teachers, or curriculum coordinators. Another option combines the Gender/Cultural Studies program with the Simmons Master's in Communications Management (MCM). The GCS/MCM program teaches applied skills in the areas of communications technologies, business finance, organizational leadership, and cross-cultural communication. 


The History program at Simmons emphasizes the study of history as a multi-faceted field that is ever changing, constantly developing new questions about the past, and exploring innovative approaches to answering those questions. Students are preparing for careers in education, research, archives management, librarianship, curatorship, and various other forms of public history. The dual-degree program in History and Archives Management offers additional coursework in archival studies as well as hands-on experience in the field, and the History and MAT program prepares students for teaching licensure while simultaneously providing a concentration in a chosen area of liberal arts. For more information about these programs, visit the History section of the CAS website.

Public Policy

The Master in Public Policy provides an interdisciplinary understanding of societal problems and their potential solutions, with a focus on policy in the United States. To supplement coursework on policy analysis and theory, students complete an internship with a legislative office, think tank, or advocacy organization to better understand the development of public policy in practice. This program prepares students to pursue careers in policy analysis, public policy creation, research at think tanks and advocacy organizations, and other agencies in the public and private sectors.For more information on this program, visit the Public Policy section of the CAS website.

Job Outlook
Career Services for Graduate Arts & Sciences Students

The CEC takes its commitment to students seriously, honoring the Simmons promise to put you first. The CEC is here to help CAS graduate students assess your skills and interests and explore your professional options and provides a full range of services to assist you in doing so.

Among these services, the CEC provides tailored career coaching to help you launch your career. Your career coach will help you clarify your career goals and help with developing the skills and strategies to attain them upon graduation from your CAS program. In preparation for your job search, we will assist you with analyzing, articulating and packaging your academic and work experience to effectively market yourself to employers. In addition, you will receive support in planning and implementing your job search strategy to make informed, effective decisions for your next step as well as future career transitions.

You can make an appointment with a career coach for a one-on-one meeting.

Career Programs and Events
In addition to individual career coaching and the other services outlined above, the CEC provides both on- and off-campus recruiting events and career fairs during the academic year. In addition, the CEC offers skill-building workshops on a range of career development topics such as "Getting Started on LinkedIn," "Professional Networking 2.0," and many more. Check out the CEC Events Calendar for the latest workshops and recruiting events.
Career Resources

Library Resources

CEC Career Toolkit

  • CEC Career Toolkit - visit the Career Toolkit for in-depth information across all the developmental career steps, including self-assessment, career exploration, resumes and cover letters, networking, interviewing, and managing your job search


  • Alumnet - register for the Simmons online alumnae/i network
  • LinkedIn - create your own account on the leading site for professional networking. Once registered you can join the Simmons LinkedIn Group

Resumes and Cover Letters

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Job Search and Postings

Additional Resources

  • CareerSpots videos - check out this excellent series of 1-4 min. long videos on a range of career topics
Contact the CEC

To make an appointment with a CEC career coach, contact us as follows:

Phone: 617-521-2488

The CEC also conducts Weekly Drop-In Hours. Stop by for a 15 minute drop-in session with a career coach if you have a brief question or need your resume and cover letter reviewed.

CEC Drop-in Hours

When: Mondays and Tuesdays, 3:00-4:30 p.m. Wednesdays and Thursdays, 1:30-3:00 p.m.

Where: Career Education Center, Suite M107-M112, 1st Floor, SOM/Academic Building