Metadata Interoperability in Libraries

Managing Big Data in a Data-Driven World

Gerald Benoit Research

Metadata standards abound. Equally, scaleable computing architectures and storage models have evolved to manage vastly large sets of data in ways that foster integration, interactivity, visualization, repurposing, and facets. Combined with emerging end-user expectations, the future of information services challenge our expectations of information discovery as well as questioning without boundaries the possibilities for Library & Information Science systems and services.

This is a topic we engage with from the point of view of LIS Research & Theory. Simultaneously we consider the combined fields of systems, repositories, digital services, and metadata practices that support resource discovery as well as “information” discovery. This research includes the role of existing or emerging standards; the current state of systems-based solutions; how to create a richer dataset, among other issues. 

The project is supported by Simmons Dole Grant. Boston Public Library and Simmons University. SLIS, sponsored by a grant from the Dole Foundation, hosted the first Delphi group meeting, on May 5, 2016. Participants were invited from many area libraries and library systems.


  • David Leonard, PhD candidate, President, Boston Public Library
  • Anna Wada, Master’s student, Simmons University