All final grades should be posted in "Final Grading" on AARC under the Faculty Menu. AARC can be accessed through Simmons Connection at

Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

For fall and spring semesters, grades should be posted for each term by the deadlines posted on the Academic Calendar.

All Summer Semesters
Grades are due 5 business days after the last class.

Simmons Online Nursing, Social Work, and MBA/HCMBA Graduate Programs

All grades are due 5 business days after the last class. Grades may be due earlier for graduating students.

Grade Changes

If a grade is submitted incorrectly, corrections may be sent in writing to Sharon Noonan in the Office of the Registrar for two weeks after the deadline, at the discretion of the Office of the Registrar. After that point, any grade changes must be approved by the Dean for each School before being submitted to the Office of the Registrar.

All questions about posting grades should be directed to Sharon Noonan in the Office of the Registrar.

Phone: 617-521-2107

Incomplete Grades

Students who need extra time to complete coursework may petition for an Incomplete grade.

Undergraduate students must fill out the Undergraduate Petition for an Incomplete Grade form and a Petition to the Administrative Board form. If approved, the instructor must submit a grade for a student by the date agreed upon by the instructor and student and approved by the Administrative Board. Go to our Exceptions & Exemptions page to learn more about the Administrative Board process.

Graduate students seeking an Incomplete grade (called "Extension of Time") must fill out the appropriate form held by their School and Department.