Our dual degree in History and Teaching offers the best of both worlds - expertise in history as a generalist or specialist and exceptional training as an elementary educator. Whether you hope to make a career in teaching or aspire to doctoral studies in History, our dual degree program will allow you the flexibility to pursue the pathway that is right for you.

Our array of course offerings in the History Department allows you to experience recent decades, as well as centuries long past, while also providing access to expert faculty whose geographic areas of focus span the globe. Faculty in our Education Department are former and current practitioners who will help you to translate your content area expertise into engaging curriculum while preparing you with a full complement of skills required for success as a classroom leader.

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Program Requirements

This 60- to 64-credit program (depending on the length of student teaching) leads to a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT), plus a Master of Arts (MA) in  History.

Students work simultaneously toward both degrees and complete the program with initial teaching certification in elementary education (grades 1-6). Full-time students can complete the program in approximately 2 years. Part-time students must complete the program within 6 years of enrollment. During the first year, students are participant-observers at a public school site. During the second year, they may pursue either a full-year teaching internship or a semester-long teaching practicum.

    Steve Ortega
    • Stephen Ortega
    • Associate Professor and Director of the Graduate Program in History/Archives Management
    • Phone: 617-521-2251
    • Office: C319F
    Stephen Berry
    • Steve Berry
    • Associate Professor and Department Chair of History
    • Phone: 617-521-2272
    • Office: C319D
    Sarah Leonard
    • Sarah Leonard
    • Associate Professor of History
    • Phone: 617-521-2254
    • Office: C319E
    Laura Prieto
    • Laura Prieto
    • Professor, History / Women's and Gender Studies
    • Phone: 617-521-2253
    • Office: C319G
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