The Teaching and Gender/Cultural Studies (MAT/MA) dual degree program prepares students for careers in elementary education and educational leadership, with a particular focus on issues of diversity, race, gender, class, ethnicity and sexual orientation.  

The dual degree makes it easy to combine your interests in teaching and social justice.  You'll be enrolled in both programs simultaneously and work with an advisor from each program to tailor your studies to meet their needs and interests.  

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Program Requirements

Dual degree students complete a total of 15 -16 courses:  6 courses in the GCS program, and 8-9 courses in the MAT program, depending on the teaching unit selected. In addition, students complete a capstone project in GCS that may include a teaching unit. For the teaching unit, students have the option of completing a one-semester teaching practicum or a full-year teaching internship in a public school. Dual-degree students present their capstone work at the GCS colloquium with their fellow graduating GCS students.

Teaching Licensure

Successful completion of the MAT degree, along with passing scores on the appropriate Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTELs), allows students to receive initial teaching licensure in the state of Massachusetts at the elementary school level (grades 1-6).

    Jo Trigilio
    • Jo Trigilio
    • Senior Lecturer, Program Director of Gender/Cultural Studies
    • Phone: 617-521-2247
    • Office: C205F
    Renee Bergland
    • Renee Bergland
    • Professor of English and Department Chair
    • Office: C310K
    Carole Biewener
    • Carole Biewener
    • ProfessorEconomics and Women's and Gender Studies
    • Phone: 617-521-2583
    • Office: L315
    Pamela Bromberg
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