Why Simmons Executive Education

Focus on Women's Leadership Development

We are dedicated to working with organizations and individuals to develop more diverse and successful leadership teams that can effectively meet tomorrow's challenges. We maintain a dual agenda of both working with the individual participants and working with the organization as a whole to create sustainable culture change that enhances high performing organizations.

Since the founding of the Simmons School of Business, our programs have been designed to meet the needs of women leaders. We have a deep understanding of how to create learning experiences that act as catalysts for growth and change, allowing participants to realize their full potential.

What Can You Gain from a Simmons Leadership Development Experience?
  • A plan to leverage your leadership strengths and to use them to increase your effectiveness at work
  • A better understanding of your role within the organization and the value you bring to it 
  • The ability to navigate in the organization and to generate business and career opportunities
  • A clear vision and goals to increase team effectiveness and achieve desired business results
  • The ability to negotiate for the resources you need to make positive change for your organization, your team, and yourself
  • A network of strong, powerful women who can provide advice, act as a sounding board, and be your supporters for many years to come
What Are the Benefits of an All-Women Learning Environment?
  • Learning to recognize situations where subtle gender dynamics may be a factor in how you are perceived, or how you perceive others
  • Identifying and practicing strategies you can use to successfuly manage difficult situations where gender is a factor
  • Participating in open, honest, and specific discussions about the challenges and opportunites of being a woman in a leadership role
What Makes the Simmons Experience Different?

We take a proactive and research-based approach to managing gender issues. Some women's leadership programs ignore gender issues, because they don't want women to feel that they are any different than men. Others try to "fix the women" by giving them skills to navigate more successfully in a man's world. We believe that both of these approaches can provide some value, but they are not enough.

Instead, we use the research and frameworks developed by our Center for Gender in Organizations, as well as our experience as consultants and practitioners to give participants a nuanced and realistic view of gender issues in the workplace. More importantly, we discuss how you can proactively address the issues raised by the unconscious biases that we all have, and recognize and address "micro-inequities" that can cumulatively impact your ability to be successful.