Our Mission: 

  • To support and develop women leaders to make a positive contribution within their organizations, their communities and the world 
  • To further the development and advancement of future corporate, organizational and civic leaders by funding Simmons graduate scholarships

Our Programs:

Valerie Plame

Simmons Leadership Conference

Every spring over 3,300 women come together for a transformative experience with celebrated role models and experts in their fields.

  • Strategic Leadership for Women (September): Our flagship executive education program is a 4.5-day transformational experience where women strengthen key leadership competencies and enhance their understanding of how gender dynamics affect organizational behavior and workplace culture.
  • International Leadership Conference (November 13-14, 2018): The premier US women's leadership conference is now going abroad. Join us this fall at the Citywest Hotel in Dublin, Ireland.
  • 2020 Women on Boards National Conversation on Board Diversity (November 15, 2018): This event promotes the work being done to increase the number of women on US company boards and raises critical funding for 2020 Women on Boards' national campaign. We attract 150-200 senior level managers, both women and men from local companies and leadership conference sponsors.
  • Simmons Leadership Conference (April 2, 2019): The Simmons Leadership Conference is an educational and motivational experience for women delivered through the stories and information shared by celebrated role models and experts in their fields. There are over 3,400 women in attendance; more than half are middle to senior level managers.
  • Women's Initiative Forum (Ongoing): The Women's Initiative Forum is a networking group for people running their organization's women's network, initiative, or employee resource group. Its goal is to improve the effectiveness of these initiatives by harnessing the collective knowledge of the group, sharing best practices, and providing support for its members.

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