Redesign Timeline

Completed Work

The redesign process included an extensive review of market and enrollment data, consensus-building around the signature strengths of Simmons and their connection to the market, development of recommendations for future academic structures, and a comprehensive financial review of those structures. 

We held many community review and feedback sessions that included faculty, staff, administration, undergraduate and graduate alums, and current students at two key stages in Spring 2016. Outreach to alumnae/i about the Academic Redesign has included emails, six webinars, an on-campus forum, and a full-page article in the Simmons Magazine (Spring 2016). 

During Summer 2016, we determined the costs of three potential academic structures. A number of academic structures and related costs were presented to the community in early October and they were shared with the Board of Trustee in October.

Work Ahead

  • Winter and Spring 2017: Detailed planning work for implementation is underway now and it will continue through the fiscal FY 18.
  • Summer 2018: We expect to have the new academic structure to position Simmons College for distinctiveness, competitive strength and sustainability in place by Summer 2018.