A Campus That Works

As the University changes to meet the evolving needs of our students, we must make sure that our physical space also meets those needs. Our Institutional Master Plan (IMP) details a ten-year plan for our Residence and Academic campuses.  In preparation for our next IMP, Simmons is assessing how and whether creative use of our campus would enable us to achieve these key goals:

  • Meeting our students' needs and expectations for a 21st century educational experience in the STEM fields. 
  • Supporting the core undergraduate curriculum, which is centered around engagement with Boston, classmates and peers, with complementary living/learning spaces.
  • Creating the welcoming living/learning residential experience that prospective undergraduate students seek when they are selecting a university.
  • Configuring our residential facilities to host student cohorts for summer opportunities, online program face-to-face meetings, executive education, and other programs that support the University's vision to be a global leader in leadership and education.

Campus Planning FAQ

Learn more about our plans to make the Simmons campus work for our community.