Education and Training

Faculty Professional Development: Teaching for Inclusive Excellence

Beginning in Fall 2017, faculty members have participated in sessions of the “Teaching for Inclusive Excellence” seminar designed and presented by our Center for Excellence in Teaching in partnership with Romney & Associates. Faculty experience an engaging, research-based, collaborative, one-day session utilizing an inclusive excellence framework. The training provided context and tools to support the development of courses with more diverse content, create an inclusive learning environment, and facilitate difficult conversations on critical issues. 

Attendees include:

  • Naresh Agarwal
  • Gary Bailey 
  • Anne-Marie Barron
  • Charlene Berube
  • Stacy Blake-Beard
  • Nancy Blumberg
  • Danisa Bonacic
  • Janet Ceja
  • Changqing Chen 
  • Ladonna Lynette Christian 
  • Monica Colon-Aguirre 
  • Erin DeCurtis 
  • Susan Duty
  • Teresa Toiyee Fung 
  • Kelly Hager 
  • Suzanne Hecker
  • James Sprague Huddleston 
  • Lisa Hussey 
  • Hugo Kamya 
  • Colleen Kiely 
  • Shirong Luo 
  • Briana Martino 
  • Cathryn Mercier 
  • Marda Messay 
  • Amy Pattee
  • Lowry Pei
  • Lola Pelaez
  • Michelle Putnam
  • David Robinson 
  • Shari Lynn Robinson-Lynk 
  • Susan Sampson
  • Rebecka Sheffield 
  • Amber Stubbs
  • Leah Tennen

Training will continue throughout the year. To participate in a faculty training session, please contact Lisa Smith-McQueenie