Action Council

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Action Council works with the Assistant Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to promote the diversity, equity and inclusion goals of the College. DEIAC works collaboratively to encourage, achieve, and sustain diversity, equity, and inclusion. The Council:

  • Acts as a resource on matters of diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice
  • Serves as a sounding board for community matters related to diversity, campus climate, etc.
  • Monitors campus progress with regard to raising awareness and expanding educational opportunities 
  • Assists in the coordination of responses to community crises
  • Identifies critical areas of focus for planning purposes

Membership includes faculty, staff, and students from key constituencies on campus.

2016-2017 Members:

  • Corey Zohlman, Director of Student Leadership and Activities, Office of Student Life 
  • Susan Antonelli, Dean of Student Life 
  • Gina Capra, Coordinator of Violence Prevention and Educational Outreach
  • Lisa Hussey, Associate Professor, SLIS
  • Em Claire Knowles, Assistant Dean, Student Affairs, SLIS 
  • Johnnie Hamilton-Mason, Professor, SSW
  • Saher Selod, Assistant Professor, Sociology, CAS
  • Jodi Delibertis, Assistant Dean, SNHS 
  • Ladonna Christian, Associate Professor of Practice and Director of the Dotson Bridge and Mentoring Program, SNHS
  • Kristin Dukes, Assistant Professor, Psychology, CAS
  • Catherine Paden, Dean of the Undergraduate Program
  • Anne Marie Barron, Associate Professor and Associate Dean, SNHS
  • Gary Bailey, Professor of Practice, SSW
  • Jennifer Herman, Director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching 
  • Shari Robinson-Lynk, Professor of Practice, SSW
  • Sinai Sampson-Hill '17, Undergraduate Student
  • Mellyssa De Paiva '17, Undergraduate Student
  • Lena Gluck 'LS, Graduate Student