Rape Prevention Reporting and Counseling

There are many ways you can stay safe and prevent a possible rape from occurring. However, if you are a victim of a sexual assault your first priority should be to get to a place of safety.

Steps you can take to stay safe.

  • Lock your doors, even if leaving your residence for just a moment.
  • Always check to see who is at your door before opening it.
  • When you go out, let a friend or roommate know where you will be when you will return.
  • Avoid walking alone at night. Use the walking escort service.
  • If you are out after dark, use only well-lit routes. Walk near the curb and avoid passing close to shrubs, dark doorways, and other hiding places.
  • Be alert and trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable about someone near you, head for a populated area.
  • Make note of the location of Emergency phones.
  • Report suspicious activity to the police.
  • When meeting a first date, blind date, or someone you meet online, choose a public place or go with friends. Bring a cell phone and money for a cab, or bring your own car. Also be sure to tell someone where you are going, and when you will be back.
  • Don't leave a social event with someone you've just met or don't know well.
  • Never accept a beverage from someone you don't know and trust. Always watch your drink and never leave it unattended.
  • If you feel uncomfortable with a friend or date, assertively ask the person to leave, or leave yourself.
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