Severe Weather


Hurricane Watch: hurricane is possible in your area within the next 48 hours. Be prepared to evacuate. Monitor local radio television news outlets or listen to NOAA Weather Radio for the latest developments.

Hurricane Warning: when a hurricane is expected in your area in the next 36 hours. If local authorities advise you to evacuate, leave immediately.

If a Warning is issued in your area you should:

  • Try to prepare where you live for the storm's impact. Take in all outdoor items, close and secure doors and windows, and create an emergency supply kit.
  • Do not go outside until the entire storm has passed. Listen to official information from authorities about when it is safe to venture outside.
  • After the storm has ended, be aware of downed wires, broken trees and fallen objects.

If you are in an area and the ground begins to shake you should:

  • If you are inside, you should stand in a doorway or under a sturdy piece of furniture such as a desk.
  • Try to stay away from windows, hanging objects, or anything that looks like it could fall over or off a wall.
  • If you are in a sturdy part of a building, stay where you are until the shaking stops.
  • Do not use an elevator after the shaking stops. Evacuate the building.
  • If you are outside when the shaking begins, move away from any trees, poles and buildings.