Student Learning Goals

The goals below are student learning goals for Simmons undergraduate and graduate students. These goals are intended to be sufficiently broad so as to encompass the aspirations for students in all our schools. They informed the development of measurable program learning goals, detailed in the links below. 

In their pursuit of transformative learning that links passion with lifelong purpose, successful students in our graduate and undergraduate schools will:

  • Master the skills and content of their discipline
  • Discover, evaluate, and apply information
  • Communicate with clarity and persuasiveness 
  • Collaborate well with others while demonstrating leadership skills 
  • Demonstrate ethical responsibility and commitment to a diverse, inclusive community 
  • Integrate learning with their lives and aspirations

The Simmons PLAN (Purpose Leadership ActioN), the core undergraduate curriculum, is designed so that all Simmons undergraduate students graduate with skills and knowledge across six Essential Capabilities:  Communication (written, oral, and visual), Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving, Data Analysis and Interpretation, Ethical Leadership, Integrative Learning, and Navigation of Cultural Differences.    

Program-Specific Learning Goals: