Assessment Reporting

Program Assessment

At the end of each Spring semester, all undergraduate and graduate programs at Simmons University are required to submit an annual assessment report to the Office of Assessment. See below for the Simmons University Program Assessment Report form, as well as a sample, completed program assessment report.

  • Program Assessment Report Form
  • Sample Program Assessment Report

Note: If programs with national accreditation or state program approval already submit a similar report to their accreditors or the state on an annual basis, they may submit that report to the Office of Assessment in place of the Simmons University Program Assessment Form. If they do not submit such a report each year to their accrediting body or the state, they must complete and submit the Simmons University report during year(s) when they do not complete a report to an accreditation body, the state, or another, similar entity.

General Education Assessment

Assessment Report Rubric (Use this to evaluate your own assessment report)