Upcoming Activities


Why All Black Lives Must Matter

Featuring Payton Head of #Mizzou
Continuing the Conversations Sparked by the 2015 10 Demands

February 21st
Management and Academic Building (formerly SOM), 501-502

Why All Black Lives Matter - Payton Head Flyer

Launching of Ally & Affinity Groups and DEI 2022 Core Architecture

We are convening two groups (white faculty and staff and faculty and staff of color) to discuss race and racism at Simmons. These groups are asked to be part of a design team to think about structuring conversations for faculty and staff of color on whiteness, race and racism at Simmons. Our goal is to create high-quality ongoing opportunities for candid conversations, practice and actions that move us forward as a community. Our intention is to create spaces for reflection, collaboration, allyship and action. We know the work of making Simmons the most inclusive campus takes all of us and we also recognize the importance of providing affinity spaces for deep discussion and strategizing that help elevate the conversations on race and racism. Therefore, these groups will have opportunities to meet separately as well as come together as a broader community of Simmons advocates for equity.

Across the University we are working with Core Teams to strategize, plan and implement the key components of the DEI Strategy 2022: Who We Are, How We Live and Who We Are Becoming. These cohorts, made up of accountability partners and implementers, are each responsible for meeting every month to discuss the specific goals, objectives and outcomes for implementing. They are also responsible for identifying the deliverables, timelines and budget. Facilitators and implementers will recognize that "the action of making excellence inclusive requires that we uncover inequities in student success, identify effective educational practices, and build such practices organically for sustained institutional change" (AAC&U, 2018). This is essential to the work that we are continuing and the new work we are about to embark upon through Strategy 2022 (Culture Redesign).


A Sense of Belonging at Simmons: Conversations on Intersectionality

Students' sense of belonging on their campuses is linked to a number of important outcomes, including their persistence in college and even their well-being. In our pursuit to make Simmons be the most inclusive campus on New England, we want to raise awareness of the rich complex identities of our community members. These forums will address race and ability as well as race and sexual orientation and the lived experience of individuals at Simmons. Details forthcoming.


Speaker Series, featuring Ruth Zambrana, author of Toxic Ivory Tower: The Consequences of Work Stress on Underrepresented Minority Faculty.

Dr. Zambrana will be leading a series of conversations exploring how various dimensions of identity inequality are expressed in the academy, how these social statuses influence the health and well-being of underrepresented minority (URM) faculty, and how institutional policies and practices can be used to transform the culture of an institution to increase rates of retention and promotion so URM faculty can thrive.

We invite you to join us for a Toxic Ivory Tower book discussion and reception with Dr. Zambrana on April 29th from 5pm - 7pm in the Linda K. Paresky Center. Please RSVP here.

May and June

Modeled after the Teaching for Inclusive Excellence Series, "Together" for Inclusive Excellence Series (TIES III)

This will be an opportunity for faculty and staff (including the ally and affinity groups) to join various workshops and practice sessions that help build capacity for respectful and civil discourse in the face of disagreement and varying perspectives. These experiential opportunities will encourage learning and the utilization of various dialogue techniques.