Commuter Student Eligibility

To be eligible to park on campus students must:

  • Be a Simmons student and registered for classes during the current academic semester. Cross-registered students are NOT allowed to park at Simmons. Registration may be confirmed by logging into AARC or calling the Registrar at 617-521-2100.
  • Live off-campus.
  • Have a Simmons ID card.

Additionally, if you are a full-time commuter student and would like to purchase a semester parking permit you must meet the following criteria as well:

  • Semester parking permit: must be enrolled in classes full-time as defined by the Registrar (12 credits or more for undergraduates and 8 credits or more for graduate students). If a student is registered as undergraduate and graduate the less restrictive criteria will apply.
  • Be financially cleared by Student Financial Services. A semester tuition bill is considered cleared if the tuition has been paid in full or if financial aid covers all costs. To confirm that you are cleared, please call Student Financial Services at 617-521-2001.