Accessible Parking


Simmons University is committed to providing support services and reasonable accommodations to students and employees with identified disabilities. Simmons will rely on the student or employee's home state disability placard or plate to assess need. For information on Massachusetts disability placards, please visit the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles website. Please be aware that state issuance of disability placards can take up to 3 months and note that we are unable to accept other types of documentation such as a physician's note.

Student and Employee Parking

Students and employees may follow procedures listed on the student and employee pages to apply for parking permits. Disability spaces are located on every level of the garage. Vehicles parked in those space must display state disability placards or license plates.

Temporary Disability Parking

Since Simmons requires state disability placards or plates to identify students and employees with disabilities, students and employees who desire temporary disability parking on campus must apply for a temporary disability placard from their state registry of motor vehicles to park in disability spaces.