What We Do

Students of all writing abilities come to us to develop skills such as:

  • understanding an assignment
  • planning the writing process
  • brainstorming ideas
  • developing a thesis
  • structuring paragraphs
  • developing ideas with evidence, details, and examples
  • using sources appropriately—quoting, paraphrasing, summarizing
  • using citation styles correctly
  • improving flow of sentences and paragraphs
  • spotting & eliminating patterns of errors in grammar and punctuation

Here are some common "myths" about the Writing Center:

Myth: The Writing Center is an editing service.
Fact: The goal of the Writing Center is to help you develop your own writing and editing skills. We are not a proofreading service.

Myth: The Writing Center is primarily for students who struggle with writing.
Fact: All levels of writers, graduate and undergraduate, come to the Writing Center. More practiced writers can develop their writing, get valuable peer feedback, and further develop their scholarship. Less practiced writers can learn fundamental techniques and principles to gain more confidence in their writing.

Myth: You should only bring papers for your English class to the Writing Center.
Fact: Our tutors are students in a wide range of disciplines. They are all here to work with you on your writing, regardless of discipline.

Myth: A tutor will see you only if your assignment is complete.
Fact: Tutors are trained to help with all stages of writing. You do not need to bring a final product—sometimes it is actually better to come at an earlier stage.

Myth: A tutor will make revisions for you.
Fact: Your paper will always be your own, which means that you—and not the tutor—must make the changes and revisions discussed in the session.