Lowry Pei's Materials on Teaching Writing

Dear Colleagues,

I have developed these materials over a long period of time, for use in writing courses and in faculty development workshops. They are posted here in the hope that they will be useful for faculty in general, as you use writing in the teaching of your discipline.

I intend to add to these materials from time to time, especially if faculty make specific requests.

The contents fall into overlapping categories, so certain materials appear in more than one list below. These items are PDFs; if you would like to request them as Word documents, just e-mail me (pei@simmons.edu).

Lowry Pei

Some documents on this page are in a print ready PDF format that you can download and print. Please note that you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in to view and print these files.

The Big Picture

Creating Writing Assignments

Commenting On Student Writing

Evaluating Writing

Working With Student Writing In The Classroom

Grammar & Correctness

This information was last updated in October 2007.