We are teachers, trainers and facilitators by nature. The Center for Gender in Organizations (CGO) affiliates are available to train individuals, teams, departments, and entire organizations on specific aspects of gender, diversity and workplace productivity.

We use our original research and field experience as a foundation to raise sensitivity within work units about these issues, diagnose specific needs and challenges, and work collectively to devise action plans and associated metrics to ensure genuine and lasting improvement. We also provide specific training services that emerge from customized research CGO undertakes with sponsoring clients.

CGO training expertise ranges from one-on-one executive coaching for senior officials to organizational engagements designed to change broad-based practices and cultures. We work well in both single-gender environments, focusing on issues pertaining to women and leadership, or where men, women, and people of all genders are working together on team-building and training designed to improve communication and performance.

CGO has taken the lead in producing a highly effective training program, "Bystander Awareness Training," which fosters creating an inclusive workplace where diversity provides new ideas about how to operate more effectively.

Learn more about CGO's training services by contacting us at or 617-521-3315.