Conference Proceedings

We are pleased to provide proceedings from key conferences hosted by CGO.

Interrogating Intersectionality: What's Missing and What's Next?

Interrogating Intersectionality: What's Missing and What's Next? summarizes the proceedings, activities and presentations from CGO's international conference on intersectionality, held in Boston at Simmons College in June/July 2013. This working conference served as an international forum to interrogate the concept of intersectionality from a multidisciplinary perspective to advance both theory and praxis. The hands-on working conference sought to discuss, challenge and transform our thinking about the theory and praxis of intersectionality with a goal of setting an agenda for current and future scholars whose work and interests fall into the field of organization studies and organizations. Many scholars from around the globe presented on panels, and Bandana Purkayastha and Mieke Verloo delivered the keynote addresses.

Working With Our Differences: Chasms, Bridges, and Alliances?

Working With Our Differences: Chasms, Bridges, and Alliances? summarizes the presentations at CGO's June 2001 learning conference that featured cutting-edge work to explore possibilities for understanding and joint action across the boundaries of social identity groups. The conference sought to apply the concepts and lessons drawn from the presenters to organizations. To bring to life the challenges and opportunities presented by working with chasms, bridges, or alliances and to apply the learnings from the presentations to organizational contexts, conference participants worked on cases in small, facilitated groups. The cases drew on real-life experiences of change agents from a variety of settings including private and non-profit organizations in South Africa and the United States. Mel King, founder of the Rainbow Coalition, delivered the keynote address.

Gender at Work: Beyond White, Western, Middle-Class, Heterosexual, Professional Women

Gender at Work: Beyond White, Western, Middle-Class, Heterosexual, Professional Women is a comprehensive summary report of CGO's 1999 conference of the same title. The conference bought together over 100 scholars and practitioners to explore issues, challenges, and assumptions about working with the intersection of race, gender, class, ethnicity, and sexual orientation in organizational theory, research, and practice. The 56-page report, prepared by Sharon Rogers and Deborah Merrill-Sands, provides a rich summary of speakers' and discussants' presentations, as well as the plenary and small group discussions. Featured speakers included Professor Lani Gunier of Harvard Law School, Professor Aída Hurtado of University of California, Santa Cruz, and Professor Joan Acker of University of Oregon. The conference also featured a panel of speakers presenting diverse perspectives on the intersections of gender, race, and class in South Africa and their implications for organizational transformation in the post-Apartheid era.

Marginal to Mainstream: Scaling up Gender and Organizational Change Interventions

What do competence, target achievement, electronic products engineering, and microcredit have to do with the concept of gender? Moreover, how are these issues related to processes of organizational change? At first glance, the links might appear to be tenuous. Indeed, even those who work to create gender equitable organizations often struggle over how to define these connections. A case conference hosted by the Simmons Institute for Leadership and Change (SILC) in June of 1997 offered researchers, consultants and program managers an opportunity to define these links and, in the process, advance their own thinking and planning in the area of gender and organizational change.