Understanding leadership similarities and differences of women and men as well as their resulting impact on organizations is a linchpin of the Center for Gender in Organizations (CGO) research. In addition to studying leadership issues, we also regularly examine the progress women have made in achieving leadership positions in varied organizations to understand the lessons learned and consider, as well, the contributions made by role models and mentors.

This focus on leadership has intensified in recent years as organizations become flatter, team-based, fast-paced and more global. Women and people of color currently make up the majority of new entrants into the workplace, yet they hold a small percentage of leadership positions. At the same time, research continues to underscore the paradox that finds women exemplifying many of the traits associated with effective leadership yet too infrequently being considered leaders.

CGO's work sheds light on what have been under-researched and under-recognized aspects of leadership. Our work gives voice to the experiences and knowledge of women leaders of varied racial, class, ethnic, national, and sexual identities, largely marginalized until now in the research and discourse on leadership.