Globalization research focuses on the growing interconnectedness of workforces, stemming from trends such as outsourcing, immigration and technological change. The Center for Gender in Organizations (CGO) seeks to understand the impact of multiple cultures and identities on work practices and global workforce productivity and to help ensure that traditional white, North American standards are not automatically applied to the rest of the world.

The demand for developing strategies for working with diversity in international settings has become more urgent and widespread. Most of the research and practice literature on gender and diversity is derived from and shaped by an American context and cannot be applied directly to other cultural and national contexts. Similarly, the organizational literature for working cross-culturally is largely European-based and is notably lacking in its treatment of power differences, the impact of colonial legacies and ethnic differences within national cultures as well as across cultures and national boundaries.

Given these gaps, CGO is developing both conceptual and applied work in the area of global diversity. We also conduct focused research on the impact of globalization on the dynamics of gender, race, class and ethnicity within domestic work organizations.