Research comprises the intellectual backbone of the Center for Gender in Organizations (CGO). Our commitment to rigorous and relevant scholarship helps separate Simmons School of Management and the CGO from most other programs on gender, diversity and leadership.

CGO undertakes original scholarship as well as customized research for sponsoring clients. Our research is undertaken in four disciplines:

  1. Gender Equity and Change where we examine the complexity of gender issues that are systemically and subtly rooted in organizations and provide recommendations for change.
  2. Leadership where CGO assesses the similarities and differences between men and women and their many implications for work practice and organizational performance.
  3. Diversity where we consider the full spectrum of race, class, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, and all dimensions of identity, and how these identities shape gender equity and organizational effectiveness.
  4. Globalization where CGO provides useful analysis on gender and diversity issues within, between and across cultures.

In all our work, we address the ways in which deeply embedded cultural assumptions about gender hinder the productivity of individual workers and the performance of organizations as a whole. Coupled with identifying and studying the underlying problems, of course, we also develop, test and evaluate specific strategies for change.