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Consider being part of ensuring the future leadership role of CGO, a role we have proudly filled for over a decade. CGO continues to develop and expand, achieving international recognition as a source of cutting-edge ideas, research, and practice on gender dynamics in organizations. We know many organizations and individuals rely on CGO for new insights, tools, and advice; we are committed to continuing our work as a valued resource. We are proud of our past accomplishments and look with anticipation towards the future. Here are a few highlights of our current work:

New Publications:

CGO commenced work on the research effort "Gender in All Its Complexities: Using the Simultaneity Model to Explore Multiple Differences and Gender Intersections in Organizations," as previously announced by Simmons College School of Management Dean Cathy Minehan. The SOM funded the year-long CGO project, which aimed to generate new publications and seminars to more fully inform the education of women and advance gender equity in all its complexity in all types of organizations. CGO worked to build on the concept and application of the simultaneity lens as an exemplar of "gender in all its complexities" and explore in more depth the possibilities of this framework to meet and address the needs of work identities and organization change in the 21st century. The major outcome of the grant was the June-July 2013 international conference, "Interrogating Intersectionality: What"s Missing and What"s Next," held at Simmons College and attended by 25 scholars from 30 different universities and organizations across the globe.

At this year's Simmons College Leadership Conference, CGO Affiliates conducted a survey of executive women to examine the salience of Bem's masculine/feminine traits (1974) in defining leadership today; explore the factors that may shape participants' own gendered expectations for leaders; and learn about how they are impacted as leaders.  Forthcoming articles will reveal the results of this study.

Through a grant from the Carnegie Corporation of New York, CGO continued to work with the leaders of gender equity efforts in five Sub-Saharan African universities through the African Universities Gender Resource Network (AUGERN). 

The Japanese Women"s Leadership Initiative (JWLI) completed its 7th successful year in 2013. The goal is to empower the Fellows" visions and inner strength to create an action plan for social change in Japan as they learn from nonprofits and Simmons Executive Education during the month long program. The program is funded by the Fish Family Foundation, and the 8th annual program will commence in September 2014.

Through a grant received from the President's Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council, CGO updated and adapted materials for our Bystander Awareness Training Program to be delivered across the Simmons College campus by Simmons students. CGO also delivers this training to local academic and healthcare institutions.

In partnership with Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts, CGO is engaged in a research project entitled "Where Are You Headed? Jobs, Careers and Your Future," which is designed to gain a better understanding of middle school girls' career aspirations and the short and long-term benefits to Girl Scout programming.

CGO continues its work on a grant from a major international rights organization to provide training around gender mainstreaming in program and policy work.

We were pleased to sponsor the 2013-2014 CGO Distinguished Scholar Speaker Series, led by Dr. Joyce Fletcher, during which we held eight events at Simmons. Topics included: "Opting In-Between: Making Gender Equality Real" (Lisa Levey); "Carla Harris: Career, Identity and Leadership" (Stacy Blake-Beard, Lakshmi Ramarajan and Alex Radu); "The Relational Construction of Temporal Flexibility" (Spela Trefalt); "The Color Bind: Talking (and Not Talking) about Race at Work" (Erica Foldy and Tamara Buckley); "Talent Management from a Gender Perspective" (Susan Vinnicombe); "Scientific Performance Assessment through a Gender Lens: A Case Study on Evaluation and Selection Practices in Academia" (Mathias Wullum Nielsen); "Shattering the Myth of Separate Worlds: Negotiating Non-Work Identities at Work" (Lakshmi Ramarajan and Erin Reid); and ""Zoom In, Zoom Out": Exploring Goals, Behaviors and Outcomes of Managerial Distance and Closeness" (Ronit Kark).

By working for change within organizations and among people, CGO has an important role in bringing about a world that is more equitable for all, across gender, race, and other social identity differences. Please find out more about our work and keep in touch on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

We will continue to be a leader in the fields of gender equity and change, leadership, diversity, and women's entrepreneurship, but we cannot do it without your support. We hope you will consider joining CGO or renewing your partnership with CGO by making a donation. Thank you in advance for your generosity and expression of confidence in CGO.

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