The Center for Gender in Organizations (CGO) serves as a leadership forum for scholars and executives determined to improve organizational effectiveness by strengthening gender equity and diversity in the workplace. Our work has four powerful dimensions:

  1. Action — We are delivering a call to action that is helping executives understand that gender issues truly matter and that dealing strategically and systematically with gender equity in work practices improves organizational performance.
  2. Research — We conduct rigorous original research that serves to advance thinking and practice in our areas of specialization and to give our members, sponsors and the public important strategies, tools and metrics for building gender equity.
  3. Outreach — We serve as speakers, consultants, trainers, authors and respected experts for the media as part of a highly focused dissemination program.
  4. Membership — We are a membership organization helping scholars, practitioners and others benefit from and contribute to a growing body of important work.

CGO is an integral part of Simmons School of Management, which serves as a center for teaching, research and discourse on women and leadership.