Office of Senior VP, Finance & Administration, Treasurer

Office of the Senior VP for Finance and Treasurer is responsible for the overall financial management of Simmons University. As a service to all students, faculty and staff at Simmons University, we have created various sections within this site to assist with answering many of your questions.

Financial Reports

Please direct your questions as follows:

EthicsPoint Reporting Hotline

Simmons University is dedicated to providing a safe, ethical and productive environment for all members of our community -- faculty, staff, and students. To facilitate that goal, Simmons has established a hotline to enable members of the community to report anonymously and confidentially activities that may involve financial impropriety or violations of Simmons University policy on unlawful harassment. The University has selected EthicsPoint to provide this hotline service.  An additional resource for reporting financial improprieties is the Whistle Blower Policy (Reporting of Suspected Financial Impropriety).

If you have any other issues or concerns that need to be addressed, please feel free to contact our office at (617) 521-2890 or visit us at C-115 in the Main College Building.