Blue-Emergency Phones

Main Campus

  • Outside the main entrance to the Science Center.
  • Outside the lowest level of the Main Campus Building door, near the Fens Café, facing the parking lot.
  • Outside the MCB East wing loading door.
  • On the emergency pole outside Palace Road between the MCB and the Palace Road Building.
  • Outside the main entrance to the Library facing the parking lot.

Residence Campus

  • Outside the main entrance of Arnold, Smith, Dix, Morse, Mesick, Evans, and South Hall.
  • In the Quad adjacent to the Smith parking lot.
  • In the Quad between Morse and Dix Halls.
  • Outside the North Hall side entrance facing the Health Center

No dialing or conversation is required to use the emergency phones. In case of an emergency - sudden illness, fire, robbery, assault, or similar situations - go to the nearest Emergency phone, and press the help button. An officer will be sent to that location immediately.

Emergency Phones can also be used to report suspicious activity, unusual behavior, or hazardous situations to the police.